Concise Communications - Karen Barr Grossman
SKILLS and EXPERIENCE Ten years in crisis communications complement my solid career in marketing and grant fund acquisition where accuracy and clarity remain integral, and persuasion becomes essential.
My consulting skills maximize corporate and government resources by providing assistance with communication needs, proposal development, promotional activities, program implementation, and client services on an intermittent or ongoing basis.
As a public affairs officer for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) during 26 disaster response operations, I communicated quickly and accurately after distilling concise messages from countless reliable and unreliable sources of information. I served as a task force member to develop and document national procedures and helped to create national training materials to build a cadre of public affairs reservists. 
My work ethic, organizational skills, and ability to meet deadlines under extraordinary circumstances ensure that I fulfill my clients’ expectations.
Editor and Proofreader
-Write comprehensive summaries of top business books for inclusion in research     
 database of second largest privately held U.S. company
-Chace, Sharon R., Cape Ann and Beyond the Cut Bridge: Culling and Cart-wheeling
-Miller, Rory, Force Decisions--A Citizen's Guide (Editor
-Miller, Rory, Facing Violence--Preparing for the Unexpected (Editor)
-Barr, Justin, The History and Development of the Special
 Forces Medic and its Evolution into the Physician’s Assistant (Editor)
-Powell, Goran: A Sudden Dawn  (Proofreader)
Successful Grant Writer
Secure grant awards for non-profit organizations that serve low-income
or homeless populations and:
 -Create permanent affordable housing
 -Develop and conduct education and certificate training
 -Provide case management that links clients-in-need to
  available resources
 -Operate alternative high schooling for at-risk youth

Adept in a Broad Range of Projects
 -Co-founder of, a national 501(c)(3) dog rescue. Ongoing
  participation includes strategic planning, promotion, fund-raising, tracking tools,
  brochures, and educational media, as well as hands-on rescue and transport
- Develop and conduct corporate strategic planning day-retreats
 -Creative website text
 -Annual grant program performance reports
Government Training Course Creator and Facilitator
 -FEMA Emergency Information and Public Affairs
 -Implementing the 404 Hazard Mitigation Grant Program
 -Disaster Planning for Local Communities
 -Massachusetts Highway Incident Management 
 -Establishing the Joint Information Center
Government Manuals and Program Documentation Writer
 -404 Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Applicant Handbook,
   Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
 -404 Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Desk Reference, FEMA
 -Flood Mitigation Assistance Program Desk Reference, FEMA
 -Risk Management, U.S. Customs Service
 -Biennial Flood Management Assistance Program Report to
  Congress, 2001 and 2002
 -Increased Cost of Compliance Coverage, National Flood
   Insurance Program
FEMA Public Affairs Reserve Staff
 -Wrote, produced and disseminated accurate and timely
  emergency information utilizing a full range of
  communication tools
 -Coordinated agency, media personnel, and federal, state
  and local emergency staff 
 -Wrote six-state post-disaster hazard mitigation report for
  1991 New England-wide flood
 -Produced ongoing analysis of five simultaneous federal
  disaster operations (1993 Midwest Floods)
 -Developed procedures for identifying duplication of
  benefits in federal disaster assistance delivery
 -Counseled disaster victims in mitigation measures against
  future damages
MasterCard’s Euro ‘96 Marketing Team Member
Managed Logistics for MasterCard’s Concert for the Prince’s Trust, Hyde Park, London, planned for an audience of 500,000 people, including Prince Charles. Concert featured The Who, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan and others. Coordinated
with Scotland Yard regarding hazard mitigation planning.
-Bachelor of Arts, English, University of Georgia         
-Graduate Studies, The College of William & Mary

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